Boru’s Custom CRM Solution for Seamless Product Syncing Between Vtiger, WordPress, and QuickBooks

In the realm of e-commerce and inventory management, the Vtiger Integration syncing of product data across various platforms is essential. Boru’s recent customization for a client highlights our expertise in creating seamless integrations between CRM systems and other business tools. This particular project involved synchronizing a product list from Vtiger to WordPress, while also maintaining consistency with QuickBooks.

Centralized Product Management in Vtiger

The client utilized Vtiger as the central repository for all product data. This strategic approach allowed them to make updates in one place, whether it was pricing, descriptions, or images, and have these changes reflect across their WordPress website and QuickBooks accounting software.

Key Components of the Solution:

  • Sync to Website Field: A specific field in the Vtiger product module enables the sync feature. When set to ‘Yes’, it triggers the synchronization process.
  • Flexible Sync Options: The sync can occur either automatically through a cron job or can be manually triggered, offering flexibility based on the client’s needs.
  • Integration with WordPress: The process involves a third-party module, Boru Vtiger Sync, for WordPress, facilitating the transfer of updated product data from Vtiger to the website.
  • Manual Syncing and Reporting: The system provides an option for manual syncing and generates reports post-sync. These reports detail the updates, ensuring transparency and tracking.

Customized Matching and Updating Mechanism

Boru’s customization extended to creating a specific matching mechanism based on the product’s part number. This approach ensured that the updates were accurately reflected in WordPress, maintaining data consistency.

Benefits of Custom Matching:

  • Accuracy in Data Sync: By matching the part number, the system accurately identifies and updates the corresponding product data.
  • Efficient Update Process: The customized program compares data and performs necessary updates on WordPress swiftly, ensuring the website reflects the latest product information.

Empowering Businesses with Streamlined Data Management

This customization exemplifies Boru’s commitment to delivering CRM solutions that are not only efficient but also tailored to specific business needs. By enabling a synchronized flow of data between Vtiger, WordPress, and QuickBooks, we ensure that businesses can manage their product information effectively, with minimal hassle.

To learn more about how Boru can tailor CRM solutions to fit your business needs, visit our website or contact us directly. Let us help you streamline your data management and synchronization processes for a more efficient business operation.

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