Transforming Opportunity Management with Vtiger’s Custom Kanban View

In the realm of customer relationship management, visual tools like the Kanban board have become indispensable for managing workflows and projects efficiently. Recognizing this, Boru has innovatively customized Vtiger open source CRM to include a Kanban view, specifically tailored to enhance the management of opportunities for a client.

The Essence of Vtiger Kanban Views

Kanban, traditionally a project management tool, uses cards on a board to represent work items, moving along a pipeline based on their status. This visual methodology is perfect for tracking various stages of a project or, in the case of our client, the lifecycle of opportunities.

Customized Vtiger Kanban for Opportunity Lifecycle

For our client, whose business revolves around bidding on projects, each opportunity goes through several stages: from being a new opportunity to qualifying, proposal, negotiation, needs analysis, value proposition, and finally, to closure. Boru’s customization allows these opportunities to be visually tracked across these stages on the Kanban board within Vtiger.

Intuitive and Interactive Vtiger Kanban Board

The Kanban board in Vtiger displays each stage as a column, with opportunities as cards within these columns. These cards contain vital information such as opportunity name, amount, associated organization, and the user handling the opportunity. Icons represent specific attributes like department and user avatars, adding a layer of quick visual reference.

Enhanced Functionality with Drag-and-Drop

A key feature of this Kanban board is the drag-and-drop functionality. Users can move opportunities between stages by simply dragging the cards to the relevant column. This interaction not only makes the process efficient but also ensures real-time tracking of opportunity progress.

Additional Tools for Comprehensive Management

Beyond the basic Kanban features, Boru’s customization includes:
  • Quick Access Icons: These icons allow users to add or view quotes, documents, comments, emails, and calendar activities related to each opportunity directly from the Kanban card.
  • Dynamic Filters: The board features filters for departments and users, allowing for tailored views based on specific criteria.
  • Customizable Drop-Down Menus: Drop-down menus provide additional information based on fields in the record, which can be customized to suit the user’s needs.
  • Configurable Columns and Stages: The Kanban board is adaptable to various sales stages and departments, with configurable settings for each.
  • Rotting Feature: Opportunities that exceed a set time in a particular stage are highlighted, prompting timely action.


The customized Kanban view in Vtiger CRM is a testament to Boru’s commitment to delivering tailored CRM solutions. By integrating this intuitive and interactive tool into Vtiger, Boru has significantly enhanced the way opportunities are managed, making the process more efficient and visually accessible. This customization not only benefits the management of opportunities but also serves as a powerful tool for overall project management within the CRM system.

For businesses looking to streamline their opportunity management process, Boru’s customized Vtiger Kanban view offers a practical and innovative solution, aligning with modern project management techniques and enhancing user experience within the CRM platform.

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