Vtiger list views in ascending or descending order

Sometimes it’s the little things that get us. Sometimes everything works as you would expect but just a little change would save you time and aggravation. We’re commonly tasked with changing the sort order of a related list of items.

Here’s a small example of this. Let’s say you were working with Organizations and in specific, emails related to organizations. By default, Vtiger sorts the Organizations related emails chronologically from when they are saved. Hey that’s great but why do they put the newest emails at the bottom of the list? It’s important to note that there is a difference between modified and created time in Vtiger. The list is actually default sorted by modified time and not created time. For some users this might be beneficial due to wanting to see what they are currently working on at the top. For other users they would prefer to see the most current topic at the top of the list.

It’s not a big task but it is one of the more common requests. Do you have a question? Set up a free appointment and let us spend a few minutes with you. We’re confident we can assist you in becoming more productive with Vtiger. It’s only a few minutes and it could certainly pay off in a major way.

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