Enhancing Sales and Service Efficiency with Vtiger Google Maps Integration

Boru’s Innovative Vtiger Radius Maps: A Game-Changer for Field Teams

In the fast-paced world of sales and services, efficiency in route planning and customer visitation is key. Boru, Inc. has taken a significant step forward in this domain by integrating Google Maps with Vtiger CRM. This integration, known as Boru Radius Maps, is revolutionizing how sales and service teams operate in the field.

Understanding the Vtiger Google Maps Integration

The Boru Radius Maps extension for Vtiger CRM is a powerful tool that plots sales or service routes by leveraging Google Maps. It enables teams to visualize the geographical location of their customers and plan their routes accordingly.

Key Features of Boru Radius Maps

  • Easy Access from Vtiger: Within an organization record in Vtiger, users can access the Boru Google Map feature through the ‘More’ button. This seamless integration ensures that the mapping tool is just a click away.
  • Radius Map Functionality: The radius map option is particularly useful. It plots the current location and displays all nearby addresses listed as organizations in the CRM. This feature allows users to see which customers are within a specific radius, making route planning more efficient.
  • Customizable Radius for Planning: Users can set a desired radius, such as 25 miles, to tailor the map according to their day’s plan. The map then redraws to show all organizations within this specified radius.
  • List View of Nearby Organizations: Alongside the map, users can view a list of all organizations within the selected radius, providing a clear overview of potential visits or contacts.

Benefits of Using Vtiger Google Maps for Sales and Service Teams

  • Optimized Route Planning: The Radius Maps tool enables field teams to plan their routes strategically, ensuring they visit the maximum number of clients in the least amount of time.
  • Increased Productivity: By visualizing customer locations, teams can minimize travel time and focus more on customer interaction and service delivery.
  • Enhanced Coordination: The tool can be used by office staff to guide field teams, improving coordination between in-office and field operations.
  • Streamlined Sales and Service Processes: Whether it’s for closing sales or addressing service issues, the mapping tool helps teams prioritize their visits based on proximity and urgency.

Easy Implementation and Customization

The Vtiger Google Maps integration is designed for easy implementation. The Boru Radius Maps extension can be purchased from our website and snapped into the Vtiger system with minimal customization and basic configuration, making it an accessible tool for all Vtiger users.

Conclusion: A Vital Tool for Field Operations

Vtiger Maps - Integration with Google

Boru’s Radius Maps extension for Vtiger CRM, with its integration of Google Maps, is more than just a mapping tool; it is a vital asset for any sales or service team. It streamlines the process of route planning, ensuring that field operations are as efficient as possible. For businesses looking to enhance their field team’s productivity and coordination, the Vtiger Google Maps integration is a must-have. With this tool, navigating the day’s tasks becomes simpler, smarter, and more strategic.

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