Vtiger News – Release Date for Vtiger 7 Open Source Version

Sreenivas Kanumuru, the President of Vtiger posted this morning on the release date for Vtiger 7 Open Source Version.

He stated that the planned release date is February 2017.  A developer version will be available in December so that apps can be converted and ready for 7 and developers can test and give feedback,

He asked for any suggestions for features to be included in 7 to be posted to the wishlist.


Per Sreenivas, “With Vtiger 7, we will improve the core platform with easier UI, and hope to extend the APIs.”


  • 9 months later and . . .

    Nothing. . .

    • Vtiger estimated Feb 2017. They made a “verification” release in late March. I would expect the full release in May or June. 3-4 months late is pretty normal for a major release for any software company in my experience.

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