Vtiger News – Several Issues Reported with Vtiger 6.5

Although the buzz of the Vtiger 6.5 release is quite exciting, we recommend waiting to download it until the bugs are worked through. Waiting until the initial flurry of issues are resolved will save you some hassle.

Several issues with Vtiger 6.5 have been reported, including:

  • Regression in currency field handling
  • Numerous issues with PHP 7.  We expect it to take a while before all the PHP 7 issues are worked out.
  • Unable to install PDF Maker module on PHP 7
  • Line Item popup not showing Products – PHP 7
  • Issues with the module Installer.

Vtiger is responding quickly to most reported bugs so hopefully we will give our stamp of approval on 6.5 soon.

Have more questions about Vtiger 6.5? Contact us at any time for Vtiger support.


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