Vtiger News – Vtiger 6.5 Code Freeze

With the Vtiger 6.5 code freeze yesterday, it seems that the release of Vtiger 6.5 is on schedule for July.

Here are some highlights of the Vtiger 6.5 release:

  • Allows Core Classes Overriding (This will be of interest to Vtiger developers)
  • Default calendar view per user – Each user can choose a default Calendar View with the new field in User Preferences, such as a shared calendar or a list.
  • User controlled landing page – Each user can personalize their own home page option.
  • Stronger portal passwords – Passwords allow up to 70 characters
  • Potentials module allows adding stage filter on FunnelAmount dashboard
  • Capability to add a filter condition of “assigned to” equal “logged user”

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