Vtiger News – Vtiger President says “Open Source is essential”

When it comes to Vtiger On Demand versus Vtiger Open Source, some developers are concerned that Ondemand is getting more updated features than open source.

Vtiger President Sreenivas Kanumuru said in an email that Vtiger open source has not been forgotten and continues to be an important component of the Vtiger brand.

“Open source is essential for our business success.The users that come to our website are coming largely due to the open source product. So, a stronger open source will lead to better business for us,” Kanumuru said.

Kanumuru continued his email and emphasized the efforts put into Vtiger 6.0, pointing out the results are making an impact.

“When we released 6.0 I mentioned that more than 20,000 hours of work has gone into it. Since then we have started the marketplace and seen it grow, with over 100 3rd party extensions. And then we moved the source code to GIT to improve collaboration. Recent activity on code.vtiger.com shows that it has been a positive move.”

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