Elevating User Productivity with Custom Popups in Vtiger CRM

Streamlining Task Management Through Innovative Vtiger Popups

In the realm of CRM, staying on top of tasks and managing records efficiently is vital. Boru’s recent innovation in custom popups for Vtiger open source CRM exemplifies our commitment to enhancing user productivity. We have developed a unique solution for a client, transforming the way users interact with their task lists.

Tailored Reminder System

Our approach involves repurposing Vtiger’s ‘Potentials’ module to track specific user tasks. We’ve integrated a custom popup feature that acts as a daily reminder, prompting users to complete their tasks. This system is particularly beneficial for businesses with a heavy focus on time-sensitive activities.

How It Works:

  • Custom Module Implementation: The ‘Potentials’ module was renamed and repurposed to fit the client’s specific needs.
  • Filtered Lists with Checkboxes: Users are presented with a list of records to work on each day. These lists are generated using filters based on due dates, scheduled dates, and other relevant criteria.
  • Personalized Popups: Each user receives a popup specific to their assigned records. The popup displays a list of tasks (e.g., 10 records for User A, 5 for User B) that need attention for the day.
  • Timed Reminders: The popup is set to appear in the late afternoon and reoccurs every 30 minutes, with the frequency adjustable based on client requirements.
  • Special Link to Filtered View: Clicking the link in the popup redirects users to a filtered view showing only their records, ensuring focused task management.

Versatile Application for Various Needs

The custom popup feature is not just limited to daily reminders. Its versatility allows for the creation of different filtered lists with various requirements. For example, users can be alerted about tasks due next week or other upcoming records. The system is designed to adapt to a variety of conditions, enhancing its usability across multiple scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Filters: Users can create various lists with different requirements, all leveraging the popup functionality.
  • User-Specific Alerts: Popups display personalized lists, ensuring that each user sees only the tasks relevant to them.
  • Direct Access to Lists: Popups provide direct links to specific filtered views, streamlining the workflow process.

Conclusion: Custom Popups as a Catalyst for Efficiency

Boru’s custom popup functionality for Vtiger CRM is more than a feature – it’s a productivity catalyst. By providing users with timely, personalized reminders and direct access to their task lists, we ensure that critical tasks are not overlooked. This innovation not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the overall user experience within the CRM system. It’s a prime example of how Boru is continually striving to enrich Vtiger CRM with features that meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients. Contact us to discover how our custom solutions can revolutionize your CRM experience.

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