Streamlining Vtiger Product Cost Management: Boru’s Custom Solution for Quick and Efficient Pricing Updates

In today’s digital marketplace, the agility to adapt to changing costs and market demands is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. I’ve had the pleasure of implementing a dynamic solution for a client that has revolutionized the way they manage product costs within their Vtiger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Allow me to share with you this transformative experience and the ingenuity behind our tailored Price Updater tool.

Introducing the Price Updater Feature

My journey with this project began when our client approached us with the need to swiftly update the pricing of their products on Vtiger. They required a system that provided flexibility and efficiency to work with numerous products. Boru crafted a feature – the Price Updater – which grants users the ability to log into Vtiger, proceed to the products section, and utilize filters to identify a set group of products whose prices they wish to modify. Whether they aimed to update the entire product list or target a specific product category, this tool answered the call.

Effortless Pricing Adjustments with Precision

With the Price Updater pop-up, users can select to either increase or decrease product prices by a specified percentage. This customization also supports decimal values, granting the ability to fine-tune changes as precise as a 5.5% decrement or any incremental value desired. Such granularity enables clients to manage their inventory with finesse and accuracy, directly within Vtiger.

Centralized Control with Vtiger and WooCommerce Synchronization

Our client’s needs extended beyond the CRM. They also operated a WordPress website with WooCommerce integration. Recognizing this multi-environment operation, Boru set forth to develop a seamless synchronization between Vtiger and WooCommerce. This duly designed synchronization mechanism empowers the client to execute a mass update on product prices in Vtiger by a user-defined percentage, then immediately reflect those changes on their WooCommerce storefront. The symbiosis of Vtiger’s robust database with WooCommerce’s commercial prowess created a centralized control center for online sales.

Background Execution for Uninterrupted Workflow

An aspect of this solution that truly stands out is its background execution capability. Past experiences have taught us that mass updates in Vtiger, especially with extensive product lists, could lead to prolonged loading times or even browser timeouts. The Price Updater circumvents these issues by queuing selected products and carrying out the pricing update server-side at periodic intervals, typically programmed at every five minutes. This ensures a seamless experience where changes are reflected promptly and efficiently within Vtiger.

Streamlined Process with Zero Downtime

One of the most valuable facets of this solution is the elimination of downtime. As soon as a price update is submitted, even if it spans tens of thousands of products, the system promptly queues the task and processes it without delay – no more waiting or system lags. The users can continue with their work, assured that the pricing updates are being handled adeptly in the background.

In conclusion, the Price Updater is a testament to Boru’s commitment to delivering bespoke CRM solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses. We bridge the gap between Vtiger’s functionality and the client’s operational requirements, ensuring that product cost management is not just manageable, but efficient, accurate, and centralized. By investing in such customized systems, we empower our clients to stay ahead in the dynamic world of e-commerce, confident in the knowledge that they are backed by a robust and responsive CRM system.

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