Vtiger, resellers and varying product costs

If you are a distributor or manufacturer then you may be interested in our latest customization. The challenge was to create a way for users from different companies to interact with the same product data set. Our client manufacturers a niche product and is diligent in maintaining their inventory. They wanted to provide a way for their customers to resell out of the same Vtiger build. In theory this sounds like a permissions nightmare. How can we provide some access, restrict access and give different cost levels to each of these companies?

The permissions concern can mostly be managed out of the box using the built in Vtiger roles and sharing permissions. We restricted the use of some modules such as Purchase Orders by restricting a new role for Resellers. To handle the varying costs we discovered that our client marks up their product cost by specific percentages. As an example, Reseller-A may have  cost that is 5% over our client’s cost. Reseller-B may be 10% over the client’s cost and so on. Pricebooks is an option that would have taken a lot of time to configure as our client has 10,000+ products.  We developed two new options to provide an elegant solution.

  1. Role based Markup – Exactly like it reads, we added an option on each role’s configuration page to set the markup. If Reseller-A is at 5% then the client will enter 5% on Reseller-A’s role configuration page. Everywhere Reseller-A sees cost in the system, the cost + 5% figure is displayed. This allows Reseller-A to login to Vtiger and always see their cost while setting up their own Invoices for their end customer.
  2. Category Markup – This is actually a further enhancement to our first customization. In some cases our client may need more granular control than a percentage across the board. We opted to allow them to quickly add categories to the role settings page where they can set varying markup percentages per product category

Here is what the bottom of the role settings page looks like for one of their Resellers:

Role based pricing

This is only a fraction of some of the customizations we’ve done to allow many different organizations to use the same build of Vtiger. Do you have a question or a request? Drop us a note as we’re always glad to assist the Vtiger community.

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