Innovative Sage Intacct Integration by Boru for Enhanced Event Management and Financial Processing

Boru recently undertook a challenging project to integrate Sage Intacct, a prominent accounting software, with Vtiger CRM for our clients. This blog post explores this integration’s intricacies and how it enhances business processes, particularly for an event management company.

Customizing Financial Data Integration

Our clients, including a major events company, required a seamless flow of financial data between Sage Intacct and Vtiger CRM. Sage Intacct, akin to platforms like QuickBooks, primarily operates online, and our task was to enable data synchronization in both directions. This integration was vital for our client, who specializes in scheduling unique events and facilities for various purposes.

Dynamic Invoicing and Payment Processes

The uniqueness of the events business model lies in its dynamic pricing structure. Charges are based on actual attendance, which varies, leading to fluctuations in the total invoice amount. Boru created a system in Vtiger for generating flexible invoices, which could be adjusted according to the final participant count. Payments for these invoices were facilitated through, linked back to Vtiger.

Ensuring Seamless Data Synchronization

A critical aspect of our solution was to ensure that invoice data in Vtiger synchronized correctly with Sage Intacct before processing any payments. Our customization included a validation step to confirm the existence of the invoice in Sage Intacct before syncing the payment. This system also managed overcharges effectively, applying credits to the company’s record for future events.

Adapting to Client Needs

Our approach exemplifies adaptability, as highlighted by one client’s transition from Sage Intacct to QuickBooks and another large retailer adopting Sage Intacct. For the latter, we are preparing to integrate data for up to 50 stores, focusing on batch processing and journal entry-style syncing between their financial software and CRM system.


This Sage Intacct integration by Boru showcases our expertise in customizing CRM platforms like Vtiger for specific client needs. By aligning financial software with CRM capabilities, we enable businesses to manage their events and finances more effectively and flexibly. Boru continues to lead in delivering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of our diverse clientele.

Vtiger Sage Intacct Integration

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