Vtiger Best Practices – Sales Forecasting

I was recently engaged in a Vtiger CRM consulting discussion about sales forecasting and how it is supported in Vtiger. For many sales forces, forecasting is a great thing, however I need to point out that Vtiger 6.X has zero forecast reporting. None of the dashboard graphs show the discounted sales amount based on the probability and none break the future sales out by month.

Boru has dashboard tile graphs that do both of those.

Vtiger 7 (as observed in Vtiger on demand) has some really good forecasting capabilities.  I will do a separate blog post on that shortly.

VT 6 Dashboard graphs are:
-Opportunities by Stage – count by stage for each rep
-Sales Funnel – count of all (except closed)
-Sales pipeline – total $ by user/stage
-Total Amount by Sales Stage – total $ by stage/user

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