Maximizing CRM Efficiency with Boru’s Custom Solutions for Vtiger

Leveraging Customization in Vtiger CRM: A Boru Specialty

In the ever-evolving world of customer relationship management (CRM), the ability to customize and tailor systems to meet specific client needs is paramount. At Boru, Inc., we pride ourselves on our expertise in enhancing Vtiger CRM systems with bespoke solutions, as demonstrated in our recent Vtiger Scoreboard project.

The Challenge: Beyond Standard Reporting

For one of our clients, the standard reporting capabilities of Vtiger, while powerful, fell short in addressing their unique requirements. They needed a solution that could efficiently manage and display complex data from various modules, specifically concerning quotes and invoices.

Boru’s Solution: A Customized Approach

We responded to this challenge by developing a custom page within the Vtiger CRM. This “scoreboard” is more than a simple report; it’s a comprehensive data display tool, tailored to our client’s specific needs. It showcases an array of information in an easy-to-navigate format, with rows and columns detailing data filtered through custom-built parameters.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Functionality

The scoreboard we created is a testament to our innovative approach at Boru. It features:

  • Custom Filters: Allowing users to select and view data pertinent to their business operations, focusing on quotes and invoices on a weekly and year-to-date basis.
  • Intelligent Data Segregation: The data is organized into weeks and months, providing insights into the total value of outstanding projects, estimated opportunity values, and total sales for each period.
  • Advanced Calculations: Running in the background, these calculations integrate seamlessly with Vtiger’s standard reporting to give a comprehensive overview of the company’s activities.

User-Friendly Design with Export Options

Understanding the need for versatility, we ensured that the scoreboard includes functionalities like exporting data to Excel and PDF formats. This feature enhances the utility of the report, making it accessible for various business purposes.

Custom Pages for Enhanced User Experience

Our approach at Boru goes beyond just reports. We create entire custom pages that exist outside the standard module format in Vtiger CRM. These pages are easily accessible and can be tailored to include links and features that serve our clients’ unique business requirements.

The Boru Advantage: Tailoring to Client Needs

The Vtiger Scoreboard project exemplifies our capability to create complex, custom solutions when standard reporting tools are insufficient. Our proficiency in developing such specialized systems demonstrates the breadth of Boru’s capabilities in delivering tailor-made CRM enhancements.

Conclusion: Boru’s Commitment to Custom CRM Solutions

At Boru, we are dedicated to providing our clients with CRM solutions that are not just effective but also precisely aligned with their specific business needs. Our work on this Vtiger CRM project is a clear indication of our commitment to delivering high-quality, custom CRM solutions that empower businesses to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

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