Vtiger Security – Don’t Let Your Business Get Hacked

More often than not, small business owners don’t tend to pay much attention to their security practices. After all, its a small business — why would a hacker ever set out to  steal from a business like that over a large corporation? Unfortunately, hackers don’t care about what kind of business you run. All they care about is whether or not your server is vulnerable.

Our team here at Boru cares about our clients. That’s why we’re producing a series of blog posts on Vtiger security and how you can better protect your business from malicious hacking attacks.

Vtiger Security
Vtiger Security [Photo Credit: Forbes.com, iStockphoto/ThinkStock]

Why do hackers want your server? 

Hackers have a wide variety of intentions when it comes to stealing information. Reasons could range from using exploited servers as proxies to just being plain malicious. Other times, businesses get hacked by ex employees for revenge tactics. That’s why it’s so important to regularly update your passwords and keep them complex.

How does hacking work? 

Hackers set out by using scanning bots that slither all over the internet looking for vulnerable software and servers. If they find one that is easily exploitable, that server is put on a list. Sometimes the hackers use that list personally, or sometimes those lists are sold to bidders. Once the server has been compromised, hackers can use mail proxies for sending out spam mail or creating accounts on websites that generate revenue.

There are also hackers that are trying to steal sensitive customer information or documents.  You may not think you have any confidential client information or intellectual property that hackers want, but can you take that chance with your client’s information?

How can you strengthen your Vtiger security? 

Look out for more blog posts on tips to prevent hackers from compromising your server or stealing your information. In addition, Boru can provide your company with a Vtiger Security Assessment and Implementation service. Contact us for more information.

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