Streamlining Manufacturing Processes with Boru’s Vtiger Spreadsheet Customization


In the intricate landscape of manufacturing, managing orders can be a complex task, especially when handling diverse machine types and configurations. At Boru, we tackled this challenge head-on for a client by customizing the Vtiger opensource platform, transforming a conventional spreadsheet-based process into an efficient, highly customized list view. Let me guide you through this innovative solution and its impact on the manufacturing workflow.

Customized List Views for Enhanced Order Management

Our client’s manufacturing process, involving machines sold to distributors and end users, faced difficulties in tracking orders. The variety in machine types and configurations added layers of complexity. We addressed this by creating a delivery page in Vtiger, structured into tabs for each primary machine type and spare parts. This page displays detailed information for every machine ordered, presenting a clear and organized view of the entire order spectrum.

Detailed Rows and Columns for Comprehensive Information

Each tab on the delivery page represents a different machine type. Every machine ordered is displayed in a row, including information like sales order date, expected ship date, links to relevant Vtiger records, distributor and end user details, and countries for shipping. We also included columns for serial numbers, machine configurations, and related spare parts, ensuring a thorough representation of each order.

Interactive Features for User Convenience

The delivery page is designed for ease of use and interactivity. Clickable icons for comments allow users to view or add remarks easily. Quick access buttons for generating PDFs of sales orders, invoices, and shipping lists streamline the documentation process. These features enhance user experience, making order management more straightforward and efficient.

Customizable Tabs for Flexibility

Flexibility is key in a dynamic manufacturing environment. The delivery page accommodates the addition of new machine types. When a new type is added to the machine type picklist, a corresponding new tab automatically appears on the delivery page, providing a scalable and adaptable solution.

The Special Case of Spare Parts

The spare parts tab is uniquely designed to display orders that do not include a primary machine, such as extra accessories and supplies. This separate tab ensures that even the smallest components are tracked and managed effectively, preventing any oversight in the ordering process.

Streamlined Manufacturing Workflow

Our customization significantly streamlined the manufacturing process. The delivery page allows manufacturing personnel to prioritize production based on urgency and availability. The integration of assets and SalesOrders into the system ensures that every step of the process, from production to shipment, is recorded and updated in real-time.

Enhanced Search and Filter Capabilities

To further aid in managing the vast array of orders, we incorporated search fields and filter chips at the top of each page. Users can quickly find specific orders, toggle between active and inactive orders, and apply filters based on machine types, manufacturers, and date ranges. This feature drastically reduces the time spent navigating through orders, increasing overall efficiency.

Custom User Settings for Personalized Experience

Recognizing the diverse needs of different users, we included a feature for setting personal preferences for date ranges. This user setting ensures that each employee can tailor the view to their specific requirements, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.


Boru’s Vtiger spreadsheet customization is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, tailor-made solutions. By transforming a traditional spreadsheet into a dynamic, interactive list view, we’ve not only streamlined our client’s manufacturing process but also enhanced the overall efficiency of order management. This project exemplifies our expertise in adapting CRM solutions to meet the unique challenges of any business operation.

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