Unleashing the Power of Vtiger Summary Widgets: A Personal Journey with Boru’s Customization

As a CRM enthusiast deeply entrenched in the ever-evolving world of customer relationship management, I have discovered the transformative potential of custom Vtiger summary widgets. Vtiger, with its robust platform, has always offered a plethora of options for tailoring to the unique needs of each client. However, we can take it a few steps further—integrating highly specific widgets that cater to our clients’ most crucial data points. Let me share insights from a recent discussion that exemplified this approach.

Key Fields Widget: Customization for Clarity

Our exploration begins with what Vtiger deems standard—the Key Fields widget. Vtiger 7 introduced the ability to highlight the most important fields, a list that users can tag within the field layout editor. However, we’re not satisfied with the default one-column display, which sometimes causes the page to extend too long for our liking. Instead, we have revolutionized this by adopting a two-column format that allows us to present more data without unnecessary page elongation. This modification is a game-changer, offering a clearer and more concise view, crucial for a quicker grasp of a contact’s essential details.

Today’s Call Notes: Efficiency in Communication

In the realm of telephone communication, efficiency is paramount. The Today’s Call Notes widget is a testament to our commitment to streamline this process. We’ve designed this tool to accept both free-hand notes and pre-determined quick notes, which significantly expedites logging common discussion points. Moreover, the widget’s capability to initiate a follow-up call directly ensures that managing communication timelines becomes a seamless affair.

Opportunities at a Glance: Seamless Interaction

The Contact Opportunities widget embodies the essence of ease and functionality. An out-of-the-box feature from Vtiger is taken to the next level by allowing users to switch views between closed and all opportunities, as well as to create and edit opportunities right from the contact screen. With Boru’s tailored design, we enable our clients, like educational institutions, to spot, select, and adjust the most relevant opportunities without the need to navigate away from the contact’s summary view, thereby saving precious time and reducing clicks.

Historical Insights: Instant Access to Interaction History

Understanding a client’s history at a glance is priceless for any business. The Contact Call Notes History widget is our solution that logs every interaction and note in a convenient and easily accessible format. This allows for a quick review of the contact’s journey through the sales process or any other tailored workflow, without the cumbersome task of digging through each call record individually.

Communication Widget: A Unified View

Having a unified view of all communications with a contact is not just convenient—it’s revolutionary. Our custom Communication widget takes this to level next by amalgamating SMS messages and call logs in one place. This ingenious widget even includes an integration for services like RingCentral, allowing users to download call recordings directly from the CRM. It’s the epitome of our client-centric approach, offering an intuitive experience that reflects the familiar flow of modern messaging apps.

Documents Widget: Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Last but not least, is the Documents widget. While Vtiger provides a default version, at Boru, we transcend the norm by incorporating drag-and-drop functionality. This enhancement not only accelerates the document uploading process but can also facilitate document categorization, renaming, and triggering of subsequent workflows, thus elevating the entire document management process.

Conclusion: Your CRM, But Better with Boru

As I reflect on these advancements, it is clear that our journey with Vtiger summary widget customizations is not simply about addition but about creating holistic solutions that resonate with the specific, sometimes intricate needs of our clients. From optimizing the view of key data to streamlining communications, we at Boru are unwavering in our commitment to efficiency and accuracy. Our approach to CRM system customization is not a cookie-cutter service—it’s a meticulously crafted solution that brings out the best in your Vtiger experience. For those who envision a more seamless, intuitive, and powerful CRM, Boru is ready to transform that vision into reality.

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