Customizing Vtiger Ticketing System for Diverse Business Needs with Boru

In today’s dynamic business environment, effective ticket management systems are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery. Boru’s customization of the Vtiger ticketing system extends its functionality, making it adaptable for a wide range of businesses beyond IT support, including those in product sales and service support industries.

Tailored Ticketing Flows for Various Sectors

Boru has developed custom ticket flows to cater to the specific needs of different industries. For businesses dealing with product returns, for instance, managing RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) efficiently is vital. Boru’s customizations in Vtiger facilitate handling such requirements seamlessly, enhancing the standard ticketing workflow to support various operational needs.

Enhanced Email Integration and Management

One key aspect of Boru’s customization is the sophisticated email integration. This feature allows for scraping all email addresses, including CCs, from incoming messages to create tickets. It also ensures that any replies to these tickets are accurately recorded as comments within Vtiger, maintaining a clear communication thread.

Advanced Ticket Assignment and Management

Boru’s customized Vtiger system allows for the automatic or manual assignment of tickets, employing mechanisms like round-robin distribution or specific user assignments. This flexibility ensures that tickets are handled by the appropriate personnel, enhancing response efficiency and accountability.

Custom Comment Functionality

The system includes a feature where comments on a ticket can be marked as internal or external. This differentiation ensures that only relevant communications are sent to customers, while internal discussions remain within the organization. It also allows for directed comments to specific users in the system, further streamlining the communication process.

Automated Workflow for Ticket Updates

Boru has implemented automated workflows in Vtiger that manage ticket statuses based on specific criteria, such as the time elapsed without a response. These automated processes help in closing tickets that are inactive over a certain period, ensuring that the ticketing system remains up-to-date and manageable.

Escalation and Reassignment Processes

For cases that require escalation or reassignment of tickets, Boru’s customization facilitates these processes smoothly. When a ticket is reassigned, the new assignee receives an automatic notification, and the ticket status is updated accordingly. This feature is particularly beneficial for escalating complex issues to more experienced team members.

Customization for Client-Specific Requirements

Understanding that each business has unique requirements, Boru tailors the Vtiger ticketing system to meet these specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting the email notification system, customizing the ticket assignment process, or integrating unique workflows, Boru ensures that the Vtiger ticketing system aligns with the client’s operational strategies.


Boru’s customized Vtiger ticketing system offers a versatile and efficient solution for managing customer inquiries and support tickets. By extending the standard functionalities of Vtiger and tailoring them to fit a wide range of business needs, Boru enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations. This adaptability makes the Vtiger ticketing system a valuable tool for any business looking to improve its customer service and support processes.

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