Vtiger Time Tracking: Keeping Track of the Worked Time of Tasks in a Project

A client wanted to keep track of the total worked hours from tasks that are linked to a project in Vtiger. The requirements were to not use formulas, nor use a workflow. The solution was to create a field and a script that will keep track of the “Worked Hours”. The field “Total Case Hours” in the project will be updated when a change on any of the tasks that are linked to a project is made. The user can change the hours in the task by going into “Full Edit” mode, “Hover” Edit, or even when a new task is created and linked to the project.

This tool has a lot of use, since you do not have to worry if the workflow will break, or if the formula has the wrong format. You will be able to see the correct amount of hours spent on a project in Vtiger every time.

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