Vtiger Tip and Trick – Vtiger Integration with UPS WorldShip

If shipping is a critical part of your business, then you understand the hassle of data entry, copying and pasting, etc. that comes with that process. But if your company uses Vtiger, then we have an awesome tip for streamlining your shipping process — use the UPS WorldShip integration with Vtiger.

The UPS WorldShip is a great integration that allows users to pull the Vtiger shipping information into UPS WorldShip with one click — such as name, address, dimensions, and weight. Once the information is entered in UPS WorldShip, it pulls that UPS tracking number into Vtiger. This way, you save time by not having to type out the information again. Plus, you don’t have to worry about making errors in the process.

Vtiger Integration with UPS Worldship
Vtiger Integration with UPS Worldship

This integration requires the mySQL driver to be installed on the PC where UPS WorldShip is running. It is possible for a person with good technical skills to set up this connection — it does not require coding skills.  But it will take you a LONG time to figure out all the nuances. Contact Boru today to help set up this Vtiger integration with UPS WorldShip to get it done quickly and error free.



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