Vtiger Tip – What is the email tracking pixel?

One of our Vtiger support clients noticed a small dot like image on their workflow emails and asked us to help.  It is a little known aspect of vtiger — there is a tracking pixel inserted in all emails sent from vtiger (workflow emails, template emails, and emails composed on the fly).

When the email is opened the tracking pixel is ‘activated’ and points to a php script that updates the open count for that email in the vtiger database.

Most people don’t know the ‘opens counting’ data is there.  Those that do, don’t often use it.  Unfortunately, the tracking pixel makes your Vtiger emails less deliverable.  It is more likely your Vtiger emails will be considered spam versus the same email sent from your mail server and your email client.

So if you do a lot of emails in vtiger and you want the open data, check that out.  If you don’t contact us and we will help you remove it.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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