Vtiger with Google Apps for Business – A Great Combination

Keeping track of calendar events on multiple devices can be complex to set up and manage. We recently had a client who was using GoDaddy email with Vtiger and was looking for a seamless way to keep track of calendar events. Like many of our clients, he has a smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC. He needs to be able to access his calendar from any of these devices and have it sync with Vtiger. We suggested Boru’s Vtiger Google Calendar Sync, and it’s been great to see the progress.

Managing devices is a nightmare to do with GoDaddy email, but if he is willing to switch (and he is) to Google Apps for Business, everything works seamlessly. Boru gets the data to and from Google and Google takes care of the rest.  No matter the device, users can easily connect to Google and view/update their calendars.

With Boru’s Vtiger Google Calendar Sync app, events created in Vtiger are quickly synced with your Google Calendar and Google handles everything to give users convenient access to their calendars. This app allows a 2-way sync so you can update your google calendar on your iPhone and you will see the appointment shortly in Vtiger on your desktop. Each user can configure their sync settings in Vtiger.

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