Vtiger Tips and Tricks: Comparing Vtiger Open Source versus On Demand.

Here are my thoughts on Vtiger Open Source versus On Demand (VTOD).  Please chime in with your opinion (and facts).

If you have a higher user count and a desire to make your system work exactly how you want it, then Vtiger Open Source is a good choice.  I think if you have a small number of users, and you  need one of the features that VTOD offers exclusively, the VTOD is a good option for you.

Vtiger Open Source benefits

  • Control
    • you control the code
    • you have a lower hosting cost (assuming you have ~5 users.  The cost difference becomes very pronounced for a large team
    • you control your support situation (go with the best Vtiger support company – not locked into Vtiger).  Note: we can provide training and consulting on either version, but we do not have access to the VTOD code and database so we are limited and you need to use VTOD for certain kinds of support.
  • you can do customizations (not possible on VTOD)
  • there are lots more apps available for Vtiger Open Source
  • you have unfettered, direct access to your data for reporting apps, dashboard apps, integrations, etc (VTOD is somewhat open but of course has restrictions)

Vtiger Open Source versus On Demand benefits

  • VTOD has more features
  • VTOD has fewer bugs
  • you have a lower hosting cost if you have one or two users
  • you don’t have to pay hourly for support

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