Vtiger User Signatures and Email Templates

Are you looking for a way to customize your email signature in Vtiger? Maybe you have 20+ Email templates and 20+ Vtiger users. What do you do to manage the email signature?

It’s crazy to think that you’re supposed to fit a signature like this one:

Pat's Signature

into a field that looks like this:


We are actually surprised that this was never addressed by the Vtiger developers. For the majority of our customers, Vtiger’s email system is an important requirement to their daily business work flows. From emailing invoices, responding to tickets or just sending general communication, your customers should receive an email that properly represents your company.

While there are a lot of different ways to manage this, none of the options are as all inclusive as simply adding a WYSIWYG editor to the signature block. Most Vtiger users are familiar with what a wysiwyg editor is and how to use it. Your emails can have unlimited possibilities with our Signature modification. From custom spacing to social media links and photos our modification takes only minutes to set up beautiful signatures.

WYSIWYG Vtiger Signature Editor

Are you interested in this customization or need a modification? Drop us a contact email and we would be glad to review your requirements and propose a solution.

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