Boru Vtiger Workflow Problems Solved

This week it was brought up to our attention by a client that the module “Boru Workflow” was not being triggered properly. At first, the problem was thought to be the conditions or even the stages since the save action does not work properly in newer Vtiger versions, so we fixed that. So after further digging we found out that the workflows were being triggered properly, but no emails were being sent. So what else could it be? We wondered, and one of our developers brought up to light that it could be an email server issue, since they were using their own and not one of ours. And just like that, we discovered that the “From” email field, did not contain a valid email address, not only that, it was filled in with just a name. In addition, the only emails that are valid are the ones that the email server host, so only specific emails will allow the emails to be sent.

All in all, this example can be used for reference for anyone that has experienced issues with workflows and wonders what to do if the workflow is being triggered but no email is being received.

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