Workflow Problems In Older Versions of Vtiger

A problem that one of our clients brought to light was that workflows were not executing its tasks properly. For instance, the client told us that he made a workflow that would send emails out, every time the ticket is set to a specific status. Even if at first glance you think that it would send the email, it will not execute that step successfully. The following steps were just procedure, where we would implement a different trigger and narrow down the problem to the email settings. After digging through, it became clear that it was something else, and came to the conclusion that the workflow was not being triggered was because the cron script was not enabled. Unlike newer versions of vtiger, the “vtigercron script” is not as well flushed out in the older versions, so this causes the workflows to not be triggered. However,we are able to modified the “vtigercron” and make executable from cron. All in all, we are capable of modifying the scripts that will allow our clients have the best experience in any version of Vtiger. We were able to help this client with what it seemed like a simple problem, but it ended up being more complex. Now, he is able to trigger his workflow whenever the condition is met without any problem.

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