Automated Telcom Billing

Eliminates manual data entry and mistakes by linking with an outside system to get the phone usage data and pulling it into vtiger Streamlines billing auto-creating invoices based on billing logic Each client can have different pricing if desired Auto-sends invoices if desired Note: this customization was done for Vtiger 5.4  

Create and Print Shipping Labels

Connected their Vtiger to their UPS account via the UPS APIs Added a “Create Shipping Label” button to the transaction list view (Opportunities in this case but could be done for Sales Orders and Invoices too). This function connects to UPS and creates a shipping label under your UPS account for that address. Added a “Print Shipping Label” […]

Customization – EDI Export-Import for Vtiger

We completed a customization recently for a client in which we helped them do EDI Export and Import for VTiger.  Here are some highlights of that we did: Add a button on the PO screen “Send PO via EDI” that will allow the user to send the EDI file for the PO to the correct Vendor in the […]

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