Vtiger Customization – Create PO from Sales Order

We have done this Sales Order to Purchase Order customization in various forms for many clients and it is a great time saver.  They rave about it.  Each client has done it slightly differently but here are the basics: Click on the Sales Order (or Quote) to Create a PO.  The products (not services) are […]

Vtiger Setup for Franchisees

Worked with a company to set up vtiger for a company that uses a franchise ownership setup. Here is what we did to help them user vtiger to support their operations: set up permissions in Vtiger so the franchisees could not see each other’s data we helped them with Vtiger reporting and Vtiger dashboards so corporate can have a global view and […]

Automated Billing of Tickets or Jobs in Vtiger – Sync To Quickbooks

This is a description of a great automation/customization we did for a client to automate billing of their Tickets/Jobs in Vtiger and then sync the invoices Quickbooks. We set up a cron job to run on the first of every month. This triggers the creation of invoices from jobs. The program checks each contact for […]