Vtiger Security – Beware of Ransomware

Imagine owning a toy company around the holiday season — sales sky rocket and workloads double. Now, imagine owning a toy company around the holiday season, logging onto your company database, and realizing that you’ve just become the victim of a cyber attack. Unfortunately, for a small California toy company, this situation became a harsh reality […]

Vtiger Security – Beware of Spear Phishing

As a frequent email user, you constantly face the dangers of phishing attacks. As the primary method of attack for cyber hackers, they craft their emails to make it seem like they work with a credible, familiar company. They use scare tactics by loading the emails with urgent requests and emotional words to lure the victim to […]

Vtiger Security – Cyber Hackers and their Targeted Victims

Ever wonder why some small businesses become victims of cyber attacks that are operated from thousands of miles away? The sobering truth is that cyber hackers can attack hundreds of businesses at a time, targeting the most vulnerable ones with the weakest servers. And unfortunately, as technology grows, so does cyber hacking intelligence, making it easier and easier […]

Vtiger Security – Hackers Rake in over $740 Million from Small Businesses since 2013

As a small business owner in an industry that has massive, popular competitors, it’s easy to assume that hackers will overlook your company. But cyber attacks against small businesses are rapidly becoming more common at an alarming rate. Since last year, 43 percent of cyber-attacks across the world were against small business with less than 250 […]

Vtiger Security – Don’t Let Your Business Get Hacked

More often than not, small business owners don’t tend to pay much attention to their security practices. After all, its a small business — why would a hacker ever set out to  steal from a business like that over a large corporation? Unfortunately, hackers don’t care about what kind of business you run. All they care […]