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Ever wonder why some small businesses become victims of cyber attacks that are operated from thousands of miles away? The sobering truth is that cyber hackers can attack hundreds of businesses at a time, targeting the most vulnerable ones with the weakest servers.

And unfortunately, as technology grows, so does cyber hacking intelligence, making it easier and easier for hackers to break into any business’ server. That’s why we are encouraging our audience to always enforce best security practices with their businesses.

Do cyber hackers go after anyone in particular?

According to Aabaco Small Business, hackers usually target specific individuals within an organization — C-Level executives. Hackers go after these individuals because it’s easy to craft fake emails directed toward those people, a tactic also known as phishing.

For example, cyber criminals create spam that resembles emails sent by a corporate HR team. The spam would take the C-Level employee to a false site and ask for their network login credentials. Sometimes, hackers will even go as far as targeting the C-Level employee’s home network.

How would hackers steal my data and/or money?

Once a server is infected, the malware crawls the server for a period of time, ranging from weeks to years. Once the malware has found something worth stealing, it can steal data by a number of ways.

Sometimes attackers create false invoices for supplies that were never ordered, or even create paychecks for employees who don’t exist, according to Aabaco Small Business.

Other times, cyber hackers could steal client credit card data and sell it on black markets to the biggest cyber bidder. These criminals could also even steal login credentials to gain access to any other larger companies that do business with the infected company.

A more common theme for cyber hackers includes stealing company data and then demanding a ransom in exchange for the data to return to the victim. According to Aabaco Small Business, the average loss per cyber attack is more than $188,000.

How can I protect my business from cyber attackers?

Since phishing is the primary way for cyber hackers to break into a server, it’s important to never open or click on links from questionable emails.

Another way to ensure strong Vtiger security methods is by contacting Boru for a Vtiger Security and Protection Assessment. This service aims to assess the quality of your Vtiger security, as well as providing recommendations on how to make improvements.

To learn more about fighting against cyber criminals, follow our Vtiger Security blog series. If you have any specific questions, contact Boru today for more Vtiger support.

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