Vtiger Security – Hackers Rake in over $740 Million from Small Businesses since 2013

Vtiger security
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As a small business owner in an industry that has massive, popular competitors, it’s easy to assume that hackers will overlook your company. But cyber attacks against small businesses are rapidly becoming more common at an alarming rate.

Since last year, 43 percent of cyber-attacks across the world were against small business with less than 250 employees, according to Symantec, a cyber-security firm. Since 2013, small businesses have lost more than $740 million to cyber hackers, according to an article by Fox Business.

Cyber criminals hack small businesses for a number of reasons. According to Fox Business, their malicious motives could include reasons like “[robbing] bank accounts via wire transfers; steal customers’ personal identity information; file for fraudulent tax refunds; commit health insurance or Medicare fraud; or even steal intellectual property. The criminals can also hijack a small business’s website to cyberhack other small businesses.”

As if owning a small business wasn’t hard enough already…

With these growing trends of cyber-attacks, it’s absolutely vital to have strong tools to protect your business, as well as your customers’ confidential information. That’s why we recommend investing in Boru’s  Vtiger security assessments. With our assessments, we dig into your security practices, back up methods, and more in order to provide a detailed report of your company’s Vtiger security strength. We also recommend other Boru products that will enhance your Vtiger security to give you the power to fight off cyber-attacks in the future.

Don’t waste another minute of vulnerability for your business. Learn more about our Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service by contacting Boru today.

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