Vtiger 7 Feature: Improvement from Vtiger 6 – Product Record has an ‘Active’ Default

Vtiger 7 now has the improved default feature of ‘Product Active’ when you create a product record. In Vtiger 6, the default was ‘Product Inactive’ and this was often confusing to users because the product record they had just made was not available to select.  See the difference below.    Contact us to learn more or for help with […]


Vtiger 6 Customization: HUD Tool that Combines Customer History Similar to New Vtiger 7 Touchpoints

We created a HUD tool for a customer (read about HUD pages here) that combines the email history, phone call history, and comments in Vtiger 6 into one section so contact history is easy to review / track.  They are listed in chronological order. We also do this customization in Vtiger 7 because although the […]


Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Personalize Your Module Summary View with Key Fields

Key Fields are shown at the top of the summary view in most module records.  This includes the records in Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Opportunities, Sales Orders, and more.   “Key Fields” section in an Organization Record:   It is simple to personalize what fields are shown.   How to Set It Up: Go to the following location Settings > CRM Settings […]


Vtiger Customization: HUD Sales Tool to Quickly Update & Oversee Opportunities – All on One Page

Entering customer data is a laborious task and requires time that salespeople may not have when they need to update information.  We see this problem often with our clients, and recently helped a company that was losing data and sales because of this issue.   Instead of going through the long data-entry process across multiple pages, […]


Vtiger Customization: Make it Easy for Your Sales Team to Update Opportunities

Our client requested an easier flow for creating and updating opportunities because they found that their sales team was not adding information in their company’s Vtiger CRM. This led to lost information and weaker sales outcomes. To combat this problem, Boru created a tool that simplified the process of entering data and saved the salespeople time.  With this […]


Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Small Change for Advanced Global Search

Vtiger 6.5 and Vtiger 7 have the same advanced searches, but they have different buttons to activate the pop-up.  Vtiger 7 uses an arrow symbol for the button instead of the word “Advanced”, and the image  below shows a quick comparison of this difference.       Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger database! […]

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