Vtiger Customization: Remove Hover Pop-Ups Across CRM

Our client found the hover pop-ups across Vtiger got in the way of their work.  For example, they would be trying to click on the organization name and the summary view pop-up would block their access.  While this was simple to do, it made the user experience at their company better.       We also […]

Vtiger App: Protect Your Data with Field Encryption

Is there sensitive and private data in your Vtiger CRM?  If so, it is important to note that Vtiger does not have the capability to encrypt fields.  This means that if a hacker gains access to your server, they can read the data in your Vtiger MySQL database.  The data is presented in the same way […]

Vtiger News: Vtiger 7.1 Features in the Works

Vtiger’s developer, Satish, announced that Vtiger 7.1 features will be released in the next few weeks.  We are excited about this news but also would love to see the list of bugs in the Vtiger 7 version addressed first.    Note from Satish:   “Hi All,   We would like to update you that we […]

Vtiger Customization: Automate Your Appointment Schedule Process

Our client was spending copious amounts of time setting up appointments, so we created a Vtiger customization that streamlines this process.  The customization is automated and allows the receiver of our client’s emails to select the appointment time themselves.   A link is in the email, and once clicked, it brings up a representation of their calendar […]

Vtiger Widget: Quick View of Key Metrics

If you are not currently using the key metrics widget on your Vtiger dashboard, consider adding it as soon as possible.  Your CRM is meant to help your business run efficiently and this handy widget tracks how your business is doing overall by displaying current data. Examples of some live count metrics to keep track of: […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Tags or Picklists? Manage Your CRM in the Best Way

Picklists and tags contribute the same data to your CRM, but which option is more consistent and useful? In short, we believe picklists create a better data structure when used correctly and allow effective marketing, workflows, and business flow processing. A detailed comparison is in the attached chart. Tags may be more likely to subvert […]