Vtiger 7 Feature: Tags or Picklists? Manage Your CRM in the Best Way

Picklists and tags contribute the same data to your CRM, but which option is more consistent and useful? In short, we believe picklists create a better data structure when used correctly and allow effective marketing, workflows, and business flow processing. A detailed comparison is in the attached chart.

Tags may be more likely to subvert an organized CRM, rather than help it. If data is stored in tags by your users, there is a chance they will put important status and category information into tags and erode Vtiger’s consistency. This ultimately impacts how well your business is ran.

Tags can no longer be turned off and this complicates searching / finding important information by:

  • User placing important information in the tag and nowhere else
  • Multiple tags for the same piece of information 
  • Overwhelming amount of tags to search through 
  • Only allowed to search one tag at a time (if you are unsure of the tag used, you will have to search through the tags one by one)
What are your opinions and experiences with picklists and tags?

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