Vtiger Feature: Calendar List View Default Status

As we stated in an earlier post, calendar list view is the best option for salespeople who have a long schedule of phone calls.  To have list view be your calendar default status: Go to CRM Settings>My Preferences>Calendar Settings Select the edit pencil when you hover “Default Calendar View”  Select “List View”, then the green check […]

Vtiger Feature: Calendar List View Helps Sales to Quickly Find Phone Call Activities

You can view Vtiger’s calendar in multiple ways.  Calendar list view is one of the best features for sales people who schedule a long list of calls, it is important to know this feature’s location.  Using the list view layout makes viewing phone calls simpler and easier to search. Why is List View the Best for Businesses Who Schedule Many […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Theme Paintbrush No Longer Available

The theme paintbrush allows users to change the color theme in Vtiger 6, but this feature is no longer available in Vtiger 7.  We realized this when a client was interested in migrating their data to Vtiger 7, but did not want to lose the theme capability. They use the paintbrush to differentiate between their multiple businesses and […]

Vtiger Feature: What is the Vtiger Module ‘Our Sites’?

Even with experienced Vtiger users, there are still exciting features to discover.  Our Sites is a Vtiger module that not many companies utilize, but could potentially be valuable to them. It is located under ‘More’ in the global navigation in Vtiger 7: What is this Module?  Our Sites is a fun tool where you can add a […]

Vtiger Training: Export Records in List View

If you did not know, you can export Vtiger records and save CRM data to your computer.  Select multiple records in list view that you want to export, click the “More” button and then “Export”. Finally, select the “Export Selected Records” radio button and your records will start to download in an attachment.     […]

Vtiger Feature: Set List View Count to Higher or Lower Number of Records

The “Configure Editor” tool in Vtiger has many cool features including the ability to change the list view record count.  If you want to increase or decrease the default number of records that show in list view simply go to  CRM Settings > Configuration > Configuration Editor. The list view count can be anywhere from […]

Vtiger Feature: Merge Records to Manage Duplicates

Vtiger users can easily merge the duplicate records in both Vtiger 6 and Vtiger 7.  This feature is even better in Vtiger 7 because users can merge records in the “All” list view. This allows you to quickly merge duplicates if you see them while working in “All” list view compared to actively searching out duplicate […]

Vtiger Feature: Bulk Transfer of Ownership for Contacts and Organizations

If you did not know before, you can avoid the tedious process of transferring the ownership of records, one at a time, by using the “Transfer Ownership” tool.  This tool allows you to reassign ownership in bulk. Bulk transfer of ownership helps when an employee leaves the company, sales territories move, or responsibilities change for team members.   Transfer […]

Vtiger Feature: What Are Price Books and How to Use Them?

We noticed that many Vtiger users do not use the Price Books module.  While the Price Books module does not make sense for every business, it may be valuable for the following uses: Special Pricing for important clients Price Book for distributors vs. Price Book for end client What is a Price Book and how […]