Vtiger: SMS Messaging for Workflows and Campaigns

What are the benefits of using an SMS notifier in your Vtiger? The standard SMS notifier messaging is directly linked to your Vtiger, so you can: Send texts to your Vtiger Leads and Contacts through the CRM Can send text messages individually or through workflows for reminders or any type of notifications Anything you would […]

Vtiger Feature: What Are FAQs and How To Use Them?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in Vtiger contains the answers to common client issues and keeps them in a centralized location.  This allows the support staff to reference the FAQs and quickly reply to a customer who has a common question.  Then, customers leave this interaction with a positive opinion of the assistance they received.   One extremely important […]

Vtiger Customization: Improve Password Security

Overall, we think Vtiger is a great piece of software that provides tremendous value to its users.  However, it should be noted that the password security is not as great as the rest of the CRM.  Here are some of the issues we have noticed: “Forget password?” button in standard Vtiger does not work – while there is a link […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: New Modules with Summary View

Summary view gives you the ability to quickly assess your records in Vtiger, and you can tailor them by picking key fields that make sense for your company.  (Learn how to modify the key fields by reading this post.)  Summary View in Vtiger 7: Every module that contains a summary view will also have the “Eye” icon […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Today Button on Date Picker

There is a small but handy new feature that allows you to set dates for today. In Vtiger 7, you simply click on the “Today” button located below the calendar, instead of having to scroll or manually enter today’s date like you do in the Vtiger 6 date picker. Vtiger 6 Compared to Vtiger 7 […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Personalize Your Module Summary View with Key Fields

Key Fields are shown at the top of the summary view in most module records.  This includes the records in Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Opportunities, Sales Orders, and more.   “Key Fields” section in an Organization Record:   It is simple to personalize what fields are shown.   How to Set It Up: Go to the following location Settings > CRM Settings […]

Vtiger News: Vtiger 7.1 Features in the Works

Vtiger’s developer, Satish, announced that Vtiger 7.1 features will be released in the next few weeks.  We are excited about this news but also would love to see the list of bugs in the Vtiger 7 version addressed first.    Note from Satish:   “Hi All,   We would like to update you that we […]

Vtiger Customization: Automate Your Appointment Schedule Process

Our client was spending copious amounts of time setting up appointments, so we created a Vtiger customization that streamlines this process.  The customization is automated and allows the receiver of our client’s emails to select the appointment time themselves.   A link is in the email, and once clicked, it brings up a representation of their calendar […]

Vtiger Widget: Quick View of Key Metrics

If you are not currently using the key metrics widget on your Vtiger dashboard, consider adding it as soon as possible.  Your CRM is meant to help your business run efficiently and this handy widget tracks how your business is doing overall by displaying current data. Examples of some live count metrics to keep track of: […]