Vtiger 7.0.1 – Features

In April, we wrote a post about the freshly released Vtiger 7.0.1 and the new features offered on this version of the CRM.  Below is a quick recap on some of the features mentioned.  Links in the descriptions provide more information from Vtiger’s website.

  • List of the following Vtiger 7.0.1 new features:
    • Vtiger 7.0.1 UI layout
    • Easier list views
    • Picklist Coloring
    • Webform attachments
    • Multiple dashboard tabs
    • Comments with attachments

  • Vtiger 7.0.1 UI layout:  The user interface has a cleaner and more visually pleasing look compared to Vtiger 6.5.  Vtiger made the most valuable information visually distinctive so the user’s attention is naturally focused on that data.
  • Easier list views:  Edit data in list view by double clicking on the data you want to edit.
  • Picklist Coloring:  Sys admins can set a color attribute to picklists and the color will show on the picklist in list view and other locations.
  • Webform attachments:  Create a webform that transfers data to your Vtiger.  Visitors of your company webpage can fill out the webform and their information will transfer into the Vtiger CRM.
  • Multiple dashboard tabs:  Ability to separate dashboard data into different tabs. This provides easy organization for users that work in multiple areas of their business.  For example, if a user works  in  sales and management, they can create a dashboard for sales and a dashboard for management.
  • Comments with attachments:  When adding a comment to a record, you can add an attachment of up to 50 MB.  View more information about commenting in Vtiger here.

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