Vtiger 7 Report – Built in Email Marketing

I spent some time testing the built in email marketing capability in Vtiger 7 (as seen in Vtiger On Demand – VTOD) and I have to say I was very impressed.  We (Boru) make connectors for Constant Contact (CC) and Mail Chimp (MC) so I am very familiar with the flow and usability of those tools and am well qualified to make a comparison.

  • It is simple to create campaigns and lists using the vtiger filter you are familiar with.  That part you need to do whether you sync out to CC/MC or use the VTOD Email Tool.
  • Once you have your list set, you need to create your email.  VTOD has some nice templates to choose from and it’s pretty easy to build a nice looking email.  I think it is better than CC’s.
  • Click a few buttons to send the email to the list and off it goes.
  • You can track results right in the campaign within the email marketing center.

I don’t yet know a cost comparison to CC / MC but feature wise it seems to have everything you would need in a mass emailer.  I will check on the cost later and do a follow up post.

Our sync products pull actionable data on the bounces, clicks and opens, back into the contact record and creates follow up events for the assigned users.  I didn’t see that capablity in VTOD’s emailing tool.

Vtiger 7 - Email Marketing Tool
Vtiger 7 – Email Marketing Tool

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