Vtiger Customization: Google Maps – Know Information About a Company in a Glance

We customized our client’s Vtiger Google Maps so the visual markers represent businesses by type and revenue.

For example, the business is:

  • Type = Manufacturer and appears as a Star marker
  • Revenue = $ 500,000.00 and appears as a color orange marker

At a glance, you can see that the orange star marker on your Google Maps is a manufacturer and they make $500,000.00 in revenue.

There are many reasons to add Maps to your Vtiger CRM. From sales route planning to precise addresses and locations, Google Maps is a must have enhancement.

Our team has added Maps to Vtiger for many of our clients. It can be a simple few clicks to a full customization of how the map looks and functions. A quick meeting will let us evaluate your needs and provide you with an estimate.

You may be interested in our Vtiger Schedule Maps.

Google Maps - Vtiger

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