Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Custom Approach to Taxes for Invoices

Every business is different — sometimes businesses even have unique needs for invoicing.  That’s why we love working with Vtiger, because it’s so easy to customize.  So don’t feel stuck if you’re not satisfied with your standard Vtiger PDF maker’s invoice — Boru can help with any Vtiger support.

Standard Vtiger has a very basic ability to calculate tax — it only allows line item or order level tax and you can’t apply variable tax rates.  We recently had a client who wanted to calculate taxes on purchases through a separate system from Vtiger.  This is because some items are taxable, but some are not.  And each item could be taxed at a different rate depending on the state/county.  This would be very difficult to calculate in Vtiger so they wanted to calculate/enter the tax amount from their accounting system.   Our Vtiger professionals were able to customize the Vtiger invoice and the PDF form, allowing the client to use an outside source for calculations, import the data into Vtiger, and successfully reflect the tax on the newly customized invoice form.

Customize Invoice -Old
Customize Invoice -Old
Customize Invoice - New
Customize Invoice – New

Do you think customizing your invoice could help your business? Give us a call to learn more about Boru’s Vtiger support and other Vtiger services.





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