Vtiger 7 Developer Version Has Been Released

First look at Vtiger 7! The Vtiger 7 Developer Version has been released.  This is not for production use, but for developers to test and give feedback.  I expect it will take a couple months for the production version of Vtiger 7 to be released. Let us know if you would like a sneak peek and […]

Vtiger 7 Release is on Schedule

Sreenivas Kanumuru, President of Vtiger, announced today that, “We expect to release the (Vtiger 7) Developers preview within a week’s time.” Thie means that the Vtiger release schedule is generally on time. My guess is that Vtiger 7 will be released in February sometime.

Vtiger News – Release Date for Vtiger 7 Open Source Version

Sreenivas Kanumuru, the President of Vtiger posted this morning on the release date for Vtiger 7 Open Source Version. He stated that the planned release date is February 2017.  A developer version will be available in December so that apps can be converted and ready for 7 and developers can test and give feedback, He asked […]

Vtiger News – Vtiger 6.5 Officially Released

Vtiger 6.5 has officially been released. Follow this link for more downloading information. Related: Release roadmap for Vtiger 6.5 and 7.0 Vtiger 6.5 highlights include: Portal user passwords now encrypted Minor fixes and tweaks to emails Report Date formats repaired PHP 7 compatibility Modified the default Grouping Separator so that both digit and decimal separator will […]

Vtiger News – Vtiger 6.5 Release

Vtiger 6.5 will be released within the next week. To learn more about Vtiger 6.5 features, check out a Boru blog post from earlier this month. Still have questions about Vtiger 6.5? Contact us at any time for Vtiger support.

Vtiger News – Vtiger President says “Open Source is essential”

When it comes to Vtiger On Demand versus Vtiger Open Source, some developers are concerned that Ondemand is getting more updated features than open source. Vtiger President Sreenivas Kanumuru said in an email that Vtiger open source has not been forgotten and continues to be an important component of the Vtiger brand. “Open source is essential […]

Vtiger News – Vtiger 6.5 Code Freeze

With the Vtiger 6.5 code freeze yesterday, it seems that the release of Vtiger 6.5 is on schedule for July. Here are some highlights of the Vtiger 6.5 release: Allows Core Classes Overriding (This will be of interest to Vtiger developers) Default calendar view per user – Each user can choose a default Calendar View with the new […]

Vtiger Alert – Non Critical Security Patch for Vtiger 6.4

Vtiger announced a non critical security patch for Vtiger 6.4. This patch addresses minor xss and non-admin access control issues shared by security advisories.  Even though it’s not critical, we’re going to apply it to all of our hosted 6.4 builds. Follow this link for downloading information. If your Vtiger system isn’t managed by Boru and you […]

Vtiger Tip – New Vtiger-Vonage Integration

Here at Boru, we strive to keep our customers up to date with all aspects of Vtiger. Today, we came across a Vonage announcement of a new integration with Vtiger. The integration known as VonageConnect allows businesses to link Vonage with Vtiger. VonageConnect features include: log call data desktop call routing one click dialing automatic call logging desktop address book integration […]

Vtiger 6.5 will be released in June/July – Vtiger 7 to Follow

I am re-posting a message from the President of Vtiger. I think this is generally good news and it reaffirms their commitment to open source. I am hopeful that in the long run the spillover from On Demand development into open source outweighs the effect of resources being focused away from open source. ———————- Vtiger […]