Vtiger Customization: Add New Search Fields to Your Global Search

You may have come to realize that a field you reference is not searchable through Vtiger’s global search.  Our client found this to be true when they went to search the purchase order number.  We added the purchase order number field into their global search so that it populates with every correlating record that contains the number. The […]

Vtiger Customization: One-Step to Clear Search Columns in “All” List View

Vtiger’s clear search in “All” list view is not an intuitive process.  First, you delete the text in the column search and then, press the green “Search” button to the left.  To make this step faster for a client and save their time, we added a clear search button.  You can see the button feature in […]

Vtiger Customizations: Efficiently Communicate and Hire Contractors or Workers

In our last post, we went over the capabilities that help find outside contractors or workers to schedule jobs (here).  Now, we will show you how to communicate the details through text or email without ever leaving Vtiger.   Job Communication Through Map and Calendar Customizations: 1. Easily invite one or more workers through text/email by […]

Vtiger Customization: Automatically Create a Contact Record from Email Form

Our client needed to transfer large amounts of contact information into Vtiger, and unfortunately, could not use web forms to automate the process.  To help avoid manually entering data, we made an email scraper that creates a record from an email form.  It takes character information related to an anchor like “first name:” and fills […]

Vtiger Customization: Efficiently Schedule Contractors and Workers

When you sell a product or service, you need a work process to get it out into the world.  We help improve your Vtiger and execute those work processes in the most efficient way.  Recently, we had the opportunity to help two clients with very different business models by creating similar tools for scheduling jobs with contractors […]

Vtiger Customization: Google Maps – Know Information About a Company in a Glance

We customized our client’s Vtiger Google Maps so the visual markers represent businesses by type and revenue. For example, the business is: Type = Manufacturer and appears as a Star marker Revenue = $ 500,000.00 and appears as a color orange marker At a glance, you can see that the orange star marker on your Google Maps […]

Vtiger Customization: Managing Backorders in Vtiger

Our client asked us to customize a backorder solution and we created an automatic shipment record function.  A shipment record is initially created when the Vtiger user converts a quote record to a sales order record. Shipment records keep track of the time each item was shipped, while the parent order shows the overall total. The sales order […]

Vtiger Customization: Widget – News, Time, & Weather Updates Related to Your Contact

Sales requires the ability to connect with your customers on lighthearted topics like the weather or a popular sports game for better and more effective sales calls.  Although, those conversations become difficult when you have customers all around the world and do not know what is happening in their region. Our client has worldwide customers so we created a news, […]

Vtiger Customization: Change Column Width in List View

Have you ever wanted to change the column width in Vtiger list views like you can in Excel graphs?  Our client had list view data with varying amounts of text, so we added this capability in their CRM. It is helpful because it saves space in columns with less text, at the same time it shows complete text […]