Vtiger Customization: Managing Backorders in Vtiger

Our client asked us to customize a backorder solution and we created an automatic shipment record function.  A shipment record is initially created when the Vtiger user converts a quote record to a sales order record. Shipment records keep track of the time each item was shipped, while the parent order shows the overall total. The sales order […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks: Comparing Vtiger Open Source versus On Demand.

Here are my thoughts on Vtiger Open Source versus On Demand (VTOD).  Please chime in with your opinion (and facts). If you have a higher user count and a desire to make your system work exactly how you want it, then Vtiger Open Source is a good choice.  I think if you have a small […]

Vtiger Tip and Trick – Vtiger Integration with UPS WorldShip

If shipping is a critical part of your business, then you understand the hassle of data entry, copying and pasting, etc. that comes with that process. But if your company uses Vtiger, then we have an awesome tip for streamlining your shipping process — use the UPS WorldShip integration with Vtiger. The UPS WorldShip is a […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Manage Vtiger Tax Calculations

Standard Vtiger comes with many defaults — some of which might not always meet your company’s specific needs. That’s why we produce several blog posts on quick Vtiger tips and tricks to help you adjust your Vtiger settings on your own. For this quick tip, we wanted to let users know of a way to […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Setting Vtiger Default Field Values

Figuring out how to personalize your Vtiger in order to work better for your personal business can be complicated. That’s why we try to inform our readers on quick and simple Vtiger tips and tricks that will make your business processes a little easier. This tip will explain how to adjust the Vtiger default field values. […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Changing the Vtiger Time – Military vs AM/PM

Vtiger standard has many defaults, but sometimes the defaults don’t always fit every company’s needs. We wanted to share a tip about changing the Vtiger time format. We had a specific client come to us to help change the time format from standard to military time. Since this client only uses military time, we were […]

Vtiger Tips & Tricks – Make Vtiger Blocks Invisible

When working in Vtiger, your interface can become cluttered. We wanted to let you know of a simple way to hide Vtiger blocks and help you stay focused and organized within Vtiger. In any module, if you see Vtiger blocks that aren’t useful to your role, you can easily hide them to avoid clutter. You can […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Custom Approach to Taxes for Invoices

Every business is different — sometimes businesses even have unique needs for invoicing.  That’s why we love working with Vtiger, because it’s so easy to customize.  So don’t feel stuck if you’re not satisfied with your standard Vtiger PDF maker’s invoice — Boru can help with any Vtiger support. Related: Boru Vtiger Payment App Standard Vtiger has a […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Document Upload Issues

We recently had a client who was having trouble uploading documents into Vtiger. As we researched it, we determined it was a Vtiger bug of sorts.  We were surprised that we haven’t heard about this from more clients since it should impact all Vtiger 6.4 builds on PHP >= 5.3. Our developers were able to […]