Vtiger Customer Portal Enhancements

A client of ours deploys equipment to retail store locations.  The stores are setup as Member Of Organizations linked to a Parent Organization.  Often, a regional manager for the retailer is the main user of the customer portal.  Here is how we helped them improve the vtiger customer portal experience for their clients. Manager can […]

Automated Telcom Billing

Eliminates manual data entry and mistakes by linking with an outside system to get the phone usage data and pulling it into vtiger Streamlines billing auto-creating invoices based on billing logic Each client can have different pricing if desired Auto-sends invoices if desired Note: this customization was done for Vtiger 5.4  [rev_slider telecom]

Create and Print Shipping Labels

[rev_slider ups] Connected their Vtiger to their UPS account via the UPS APIs Added a “Create Shipping Label” button to the transaction list view (Opportunities in this case but could be done for Sales Orders and Invoices too). This function connects to UPS and creates a shipping label under your UPS account for that address. Added a “Print […]

Customization – EDI Export-Import for Vtiger

We completed a customization recently for a client in which we helped them do EDI Export and Import for VTiger.  Here are some highlights of that we did: Add a button on the PO screen “Send PO via EDI” that will allow the user to send the EDI file for the PO to the correct Vendor in the […]

Mass Emails from Vtiger

FYI – If you are using Vtiger and doing mass emails, we have done some integrations in this area: Integrated Constant Contact and Mail Chimp so you can pull back clicks and opens into Vtiger (and trigger workflows), but we have not done this in a mail campaign in vtiger. Integrated hub spot do you […]

FYI – Vtiger 6.3.0 was officially released today.

FYI – Vtiger 6.3.0 was officially released today. Vtiger 6.3.0 Highlights: -RelatedList API added to Vtiger Web Services. -Fixes for 96 issues reported on trac.vtiger.com, including some long standing issues from 5.4.0. You can download Vtiger CRM 6.3.0 from this page: https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-downloads/

VTiger 6.3 Release is Coming Soon

FYI – Vtiger stated in the developers forum that 6.3 is being organized now for release. There are no new user features in this release, just bug fixes and some API enhancements that will be helpful to developers. My guess is the release will be available in 1-2 months.

Custom Widgets in Summary View

We are getting many requests to do custom widgets for the VT summary view screens. I thought this might be an interesting example to show what you can do. It is a local weather and local time based on the contact record zip — so if you are calling someone you will know the local […]

New Module Designer by Jonathan Sardo

FYI – Jonathan Sardo just released a new New Module Designer. It is a Release Candidate but from my time spent using it, it is an outstanding piece of software that will be very valuable to anyone who needs to add modules to vtgier. Here are the details. You can find sources here: http://github.com/sardoj/VTModuleDesigner And […]

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