Workflow Problems In Older Versions of Vtiger

A problem that one of our clients brought to light was that workflows were not executing its tasks properly. For instance, the client told us that he made a workflow that would send emails out, every time the ticket is set to a specific status. Even if at first glance you think that it would […]

Back up Your Vtiger!

One of our clients, who manages their own hosting/backups for Vtiger, had a database corruption recently and lost all their Vtiger data because they did not have a backup. That’s right, all their data is gone — they did not set up any backups. Since it is so fresh in my mind, I thought I […]

Vtiger Integration with Slack Messaging App for Teams

Here is a description of our customization/integration of Vtiger with Slack messaging app for teams. When a new user is created in VTiger, the system automatically adds as a user in Slack. On any record in VT, you can click to add a new slack (topic) channel, add users (now or later), click save. A […]

Customized Digital Signature

Our client wanted to be able to insert customized fields into the standard Boru Digital Signature module so that customers could provide additional information as well as sign agreement forms. There was a catch; the client wanted to be able to specify which additional fields would be available on a number of different forms. We […]

Customizing tables and graphs in your CRM

Last week, I wrote how we are able to show different tables and graphs that allows the users process their data differently. This time around, I am going to further explain how we can tailor it to your needs. As I have mentioned in my last post, we are able to make tables and graphs of the […]

Vtiger Fields Map to Yomi Name in Google Contacts

We received a request from one of our Japanese clients to add Yomi name to our Vtiger Google Contact sync app.  As you can see in the picture of our app’s configuration page below, you can now map Vtiger fields to Yomi name in Google Contacts. This is now a standard feature of our Vtiger Google […]

VTiger Gmail Chrome App Gadget is Released Beta

Our crowd sourcing campaign was successfully concluded and we are moving forward with the development project.  We released the Beta version to the participants last week and are moving forward with feature development phase 2. Here are the features of the beta app . After install, a button displays on right side of the open email […]

Operate in Vtiger Offline – Part 2

Part 2 of the Vtiger offline order entry app. If you haven’t already, Click here to read part 1. One of the requirements for the offline order entry app was an appointment list. As you may recall, the tricky part of this app is that it has to work both online and without a network connection. […]

Displaying graphs and tables in your CRM

If your CRM contains a lot of data and you would like to have a better sense of what it means, adding tables and graphs can be a great solution. We had a client that wanted custom dashboards in order to show his data into  tables and graphs. In order to do this, we had […]