Vtiger 7 Feature: Tags or Picklists? Manage Your CRM in the Best Way

Picklists and tags contribute the same data to your CRM, but which option is more consistent and useful? In short, we believe picklists create a better data structure when used correctly and allow effective marketing, workflows, and business flow processing. A detailed comparison is in the attached chart. Tags may be more likely to subvert […]

Icons in Summary View Widgets

We can create a summary view that’s concise and visually stimulating by using icons to represent values as an alternative to the standard pick-list. If your summary view in Vtiger that is cluttered with a lot of information, using an icon can be an easy way to create differentiation between your data. Contact us to inquire […]

Vtiger Customization – Vtiger Integration with Hubspot

All sales teams face the challenge of following up on many leads at a time. Some days, a single sales representative could have over 100. They waste tons of time calling all of those leads, even though only a handful are actually interested in moving forward with your company. But when sales teams use powerful […]

Customization – View Total Customer Vtiger Invoice Balance

With any business, there will always be at least one customers who have past due bills. With standard Vtiger, there’s really no way to stay organized when keeping track of those past due amounts. That’s why Boru created a customization that groups all non zero invoices together for any client and clearly displays a total customer […]

Customization – Custom Nomenclature for PDF Maker File Name

It is a little thing, but often our clients want to use a custom naming structure for pdf’s they create using pdf maker.  The standard pdf maker function creates very generic numbers that don’t mean anything to users when they look at the files in a folder, etc.. Our Boru team wanted to enable our […]

Customization – Enhanced Vtiger Product Search with Positive Inventory Search

If your company has many products with similar names, then you know the struggle of sifting through your Vtiger product search when creating a quote or an invoice. That’s why Boru created a Vtiger customization that makes searching for products so much quicker and easier. When your products have long titles that all start with the same […]

Customization – Linking Check Images to Payment Records in Vtiger

We recently had a client come to us asking for a way to link scanned check images for invoices to Vtiger. Our Vtiger developers were able to come up with a way to provide this customization for this client, and we hope to see other clients benefit from this customization as well. With this customization, […]

Customization – Pulling Vtiger Related Data from Linked Records

We frequently have clients who come to us asking to take information from one Vtiger record and make it show in a related record.  E.g. show the organization address in the linked contact record. There are 3 options for doing this: Transfer the data upon record creation — the downside to this method is the data can get […]

Customization – Adjust Vtiger History Widget Activity

The Vtiger History Widget is a great tool for any business. But when several users are making updates, it can be difficult to keep track of Vtiger History Widget activity relevant to you and your role. We had a client who came to us looking for a way to customize their Vtiger so that they […]

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