Vtiger 7 Feature: Tags or Picklists? Manage Your CRM in the Best Way

Picklists and tags contribute the same data to your CRM, but which option is more consistent and useful? In short, we believe picklists create a better data structure when used correctly and allow effective marketing, workflows, and business flow processing. A detailed comparison is in the attached chart. Tags may be more likely to subvert […]


Icons in Summary View Widgets

We can create a summary view that’s concise and visually stimulating by using icons to represent values as an alternative to the standard pick-list. If your summary view in Vtiger that is cluttered with a lot of information, using an icon can be an easy way to create differentiation between your data. Contact us to inquire […]


Customization – Enhanced Vtiger Product Search with Positive Inventory Search

If your company has many products with similar names, then you know the struggle of sifting through your Vtiger product search when creating a quote or an invoice. That’s why Boru created a Vtiger customization that makes searching for products so much quicker and easier. When your products have long titles that all start with the same […]

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