Customization – Adjust Vtiger History Widget Activity

The Vtiger History Widget is a great tool for any business. But when several users are making updates, it can be difficult to keep track of Vtiger History Widget activity relevant to you and your role. We had a client who came to us looking for a way to customize their Vtiger so that they […]

Customization – Vtiger Calendar Filter Modification

Here at Boru, we understand that with every different business, comes different scheduling needs. We recently had a client who came to us asking if we could provide a way to adjust the Vtiger calendar standard filters. Luckily, Boru has the team and the tools to provide any customization that our client’s need. This particular client […]

Customization – Vtiger Zulip Integration

We recently received an inquiry about integrating Vtiger and Zulip, a free open source SMS program. Fortunately, the Boru team has experience with integrating Vtiger with other programs like Zulip, including Clickatell and Twilio. Vtiger standard does have a built in SMS capability, but you need a program first in order to integrate it. Integrating your Vtiger […]

Customization – Vtiger – Gmail Opens/Clicks Integration

We are excited to announce two huge new features for our Vtiger Gmail integration app, Boru2Gmail: you can now get real time info on your client/prospect opens and clicks because we have added a new tab in Boru2GMail that shows you this info Vtiger templates accessible in gmail compose window In addition, we added: a tab to see […]

Customization – Vtiger Workflow for Reminders

If your team has a lot of detailed tasks that need to be completed in a timely, disciplined manner, you may be stressed out by trying to manage your operation.  Keeping track of tons of events/deliverables can get difficult. Sometimes approaching deadlines go unnoticed, and can even be missed completely. One of our clients recently came to […]

Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Custom Approach to Taxes for Invoices

Every business is different — sometimes businesses even have unique needs for invoicing.  That’s why we love working with Vtiger, because it’s so easy to customize.  So don’t feel stuck if you’re not satisfied with your standard Vtiger PDF maker’s invoice — Boru can help with any Vtiger support. Related: Boru Vtiger Payment App Standard Vtiger has a […]

Vtiger Service Feature – Fencebuilder App

Since we have a variety of clients from all different kinds of business, we often get the opportunity to create groundbreaking technology for clients. We were recently tasked with creating a Fencebuilder App — an exciting technology that allows a more efficient sales process for both prospects and sales teams. What makes this app so unique is the […]

Service Feature – Importing Relational Data to Vtiger

Unless your records consist of a single data sheet, Importing data to a CRM system like Vtiger can get complicated very quickly. If your source database contains relational data, such as activities/calendar items linked to contacts or opportunities linked to organizations, our Vtiger database professionals can help you get your data imported efficiently and painlessly.  We have […]

Customizations – Converting Vtiger Tickets to Leads

Our Boru professionals always strive to make our clients’ Vtiger experience more efficient. We recently had a very unusual request.  A client asked us to help his team create leads from tickets.  When the support team hears certain buying signals, he wants them to initiate a cross-sell for one of his other companies.  Creating the lead will ensure someone […]