Customizations – Kanban View

If your company has hundreds of records, sifting through Vtiger can get pretty complicated. Our team wanted to provide an easier way for users to view multiple records. To do this, we improved our client’s Kanban View. Our client’s Kanban view allows the user to have the option of viewing records on a more compact screen and […]

Product Feature – Opportunity Screen Contacts Widget

It’s no secret — sales professionals hate CRM systems. Here at Boru, we feel your pain. Since sales teams are always looking for an easier way to enter data, we try to remind our clients about some some nifty widgets that sometimes go unnoticed — like the Opportunity Screen Contacts Widget. When viewing the Opportunity screen summary […]

Vtiger Customization – Organizing Your Defaults Widgets on the Dashboard

Recently, a client asked us to help with a way to keep default widgets on the dashboard more organized. Some companies have dozens of default widgets, which can definitely get confusing. Our developers came up with a way to show each individual the dashboard tiles that are most relevant based on their role within the Vtiger system. […]

Field Service – Vtiger Ticket Resolution

We always strive to make every process for our customers as efficient as possible. Recently, we focused on improving the External Ticket Submit Form process for a client. Before this customization, tickets needed to be printed, then delivered to the field technician while he or she made notes on that ticket. After, a customer signature was required, […]

Vtiger Tip – New Vtiger-Vonage Integration

Here at Boru, we strive to keep our customers up to date with all aspects of Vtiger. Today, we came across a Vonage announcement of a new integration with Vtiger. The integration known as VonageConnect allows businesses to link Vonage with Vtiger. VonageConnect features include: log call data desktop call routing one click dialing automatic call logging desktop address book integration […]

Vtiger, resellers and varying product costs

If you are a distributor or manufacturer then you may be interested in our latest customization. The challenge was to create a way for users from different companies to interact with the same product data set. Our client manufacturers a niche product and is diligent in maintaining their inventory. They wanted to provide a way […]

Vtiger Historical Orders Widget

There are businesses that Boru works with that process a lot of orders (could be invoices or sales orders), and they need efficient ways to interact with those orders. We have created a vtiger summary view widget that displays orders that have already been completed, along with important information such as the order name, the […]

Vtiger – For Internal Use Only

In Vtiger there is a lot of options to isolate data between roles using permissions. One of the latest modifications we completed was for a client who wanted to expand on this. In this use case, the client wanted to monitor modifications in a contact record. This client operates as a call center with many […]

Calculation of fields without refreshing.

In Vtiger, if you want to update a field by using an equation you are more likely to need to refresh your window in order to see the updated field. This is something our client did not want to endure, he wanted to have a function that will update the field if any of the […]

Changing the size of the Font and Formatting of Numbers.

A problem that some people can encounter the size of the font in Vtiger not being big enough, and with other modules or widgets the display of numbers has the wrong format. We took on this issue and made a small but useful widget. With this widget, the user is able to change the size […]

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