Vtiger Setup for Franchisees

Worked with a company to set up vtiger for a company that uses a franchise ownership setup. Here is what we did to help them user vtiger to support their operations: set up permissions in Vtiger so the franchisees could not see each other’s data we helped them with Vtiger reporting and Vtiger dashboards so corporate can have a global view and […]

Boru Reminder Extension

The Boru Reminder Module allows you to set reminders to any events that are in your Vtiger Calendar. The way this works is that once the module is installed, any created event will be sync into the module. Once you access the module, you will be able to see your events. There it will let […]

Operate in Vtiger Offline

One of our clients asked us for an offline way to interact with Vtiger on mobile devices. Their sales reps go into the field and take orders from clients using tablets. Once the order is entered, it has to get sent back up to the server. Therein lies the rub; network service is not always […]

Inventory Management – Product Lots

We often find ourselves spending a lot of time working in contacts, leads and opportunities. Some or all of these modules are often used in a wide range of businesses. Small and large businesses alike often harness the marketing power that Vtiger allows you to structure and develop. One of the large segments of businesses […]

New Features for Boru’s Vtiger Constant Contact Integration

FYI –  we have added some new features to our Constant Contact integration with Vtiger. We now have the ability to synchronize clicks and opens from Constant Contact integration to Vtiger . These updates are shown in a field in the Vtiger contact record, so now you can run workflows to notify your sales reps when someone in constant […]

Automated Billing of Tickets or Jobs in Vtiger – Sync To Quickbooks

This is a description of a great automation/customization we did for a client to automate billing of their Tickets/Jobs in Vtiger and then sync the invoices Quickbooks. We set up a cron job to run on the first of every month. This triggers the creation of invoices from jobs. The program checks each contact for […]

Boru Vtiger Calendar – Great Features

I was doing a training session for a client this week on the Vtiger Calendar and ended up talking a lot about our vtiger calendar because he has some needs that the Vtiger standard calendar does not fulfill.  It has been a while since I have done the comparison and I think lost track of […]

Contact Sync

With the Vtiger Google Contacts module, you can sync contacts from Vtiger to your google contacts and vice versa. This is really convenient, because it keeps your contacts up to date and access them when you need them. It is easy to set up, and it lets you choose which account to use and which contact […]

Predictive Dialing: Five9 & Vtiger Integration

Two excellent pieces of software and no way to connect them? This situation is presented to us all the time. Vtiger is excellent open source software that allows our clients and us to structure processes for efficiency and organization. Five9 is predictive dialing at it’s finest. Five9’s business model revolves around efficient, intelligent dialing that puts […]

Tag users in Vtiger comments – customization

Sometimes you just want to comment on a record and notify another user. Consider this, you’ve got a record and it’s assigned to your marketing person but you want to loop your sales in on it. What do you do? We created a customization that allows one to tag multiple users on comments. They receive […]