My first workflow

One of my first experiences with VTiger was to create a workflow. For those that do not know what that is, a workflow is a set of commands that lead to the excecution of a task. For some, this could be overwhelming but with some basic thinking this can be tackled without much problem. Something […]

Need a new Vtiger module, sort of..

It’s very common for clients to approach us with a requirement that seems like a large obstacle to tackle. Recently we had a client who needed a way to modify their Vtiger 5.2 build to create logins to a ticket portal. The client has two sources that would need to view updates to Support tickets. […]

Customizing the Calendar with Different Event Colors

Sometimes you just need a little more color in your life. One of our clients wanted to customize the calendar so that he could easily see when someone had a day off. We came up with a quick customization for this. First, we added “Day Off” to the event type pick list. That was simple […]

Integrating Vtiger with Amazon to Store Vtiger Documents Files

FYI – we have done an integration of Amazon and Vtiger to store Vtiger document files on Amazon. We use Amazon S3 which charges only $.03 per GB — that’s almost free. When someone creates a doc in Vtiger, it uploads to Amazon. If they open/download a document in vtiger it downloads from Amazon. This […]

Custom search filtering with multi select and ajax

What happens when you need just a little bit more oomph from your search filtering? We answered that question recently with a slick piece of custom development. Our client needed to filter their opportunity records and search on multiple values. On top of that, they also needed to search for records within a range of […]

Importing data into Vtiger

Recently I’ve been involved in a several projects where our client has important data that is collected outside of Vtiger. These clients want to use the power of Vtiger to organize their collected data to create new leads or opportunities. Some examples of data collection: WordPress Web Forms (Gravity Forms is a popular module) Online […]

Vtiger Elastic Search Works Delivers Fast Results

Elastic search is a free, super-fast search tool with a powerful, RESTful API.  Depending on how you use the API, it can deliver significantly better search results than a typical Boolean search in vtiger. We did a custom project for a Vtiger client to deliver better results faster.  The client had hundreds of thousands of contacts and Elastic […]

Barcodes in Vtiger Global Search

One of my favorite recent customizations is creating the ability to search for barcodes and UPCs in Vtiger’s global search. On the heels of a recent inventory management project, our client found that they were frequently looking up product records by name via the products module. Their warehousing and inventory flow involves a high volume of […]

Problems with vtiger 6.4 migration script

Vtiger 6.4 has been out for a few hours and already the forums are filling up with comments about issues people are having with the migration scripts to go from 6.x to 6.4. This is a pretty typical issue for vtiger. As good as vtiger is, and we think it is great, there are many […]